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This document provides more details on the lessons that make up the Lean Change Agent course (the Lean Change Foundations & Lean Change Practitioner modules)

History teaches us people act, as always with impactful change, when they:

  • Believe change brings them more benefit than the Status Quo (they want to change).

  • The pain to holding on to the Status Quo is bigger than the pain of changing (they must change)


I believe that nudging against the Status Quo with small acts of ‘sabotage’ (or rebellion, or disruption) when done by many can make a difference.

Click the cover to download and judge for yourself

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Each company has its own motivation to want to adopt Enterprise Agility. When we ask the right questions, we can understand from where to start. This small PDF helps to ask some of the questions and gives you tips for your first actions based on where you start from.

Resisting Change - Front page.png

What if to those who ‘resist’ change, we say thank you?


“Thank you for standing up for what you believe in and your willingness to speak up about what your concerns are. We understand that change can be overwhelming and scary, and we appreciate the courage it takes to say no.”


What would change?

Click the cover to download and discover for yourself

This exercise is useful when your change is stuck or when you identify a "crack" or some dysfunction that others in the organization don't see. A 'hack' exposes the dysfunction to the system so it can self-correct, or identifies a disruptive option to get your change 'unstuck'.

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