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Collaborators that Drive Change

Adaptive Change is more than an independent's services and learning solutions, because nobody can change the world alone. By uniting Self-employed people, micro and small companies we create a much needed collaborative ecosystem.

Click on the Globe to discover all services these collaborators offer, click on the Calendar to find their training schedules (in case my dates or hours don't fit your calendar)

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Lean Change Community site, all courses, dates, facilitators world wide. 

Time zone


Language: All


Lean Change + Agile Leadership, HR, and Remote Working.

Time zone: Berlin


Language: English


Lean Change + Strengths, Agile Leadership and Team Coaching.

Time zone: London, UK


Language: English


Strategic Change Canvas Masterclass, Lean Change Agent Foundations

Time zone: Vancouver, Canada


Language: English


Personal Skills, Product Development & Problem Solving, Agility

Time zone: Madrid, Spain


Language: Spanish/English


Lean Change + UnFix + Leadership + Agile HR

Time zone: Madrid, Spain


Language: Spanish

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Lean Change + Personal Change + Team Coaching

Time zone: Perth, Australia


Language: English

Global Learning Solutions + Mind-Shifters + SHRM

Time zone: Global, Switzerland


Language: English/German/French

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