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How to deal with increasingly fast-changing business environments and unexpected global challenges?

We live in times in which we can't set an end target for our projects or corporate objectives. The best we can do is set a direction and move our changes ahead towards that direction while taking into account all foreseen and unforeseen events along the way.

We need an adaptive, feedback driven approach to change. One that takes into account continuous changes in context and focusses on efforts to include the people affected by the change.

What it is

Collaborative intervention programs where we facilitate a change or transformation program you have at hand. We'll bring our own knowledge, and approaches to change which we will adapt to be used in your context.

Who this is for

Smaller and mid-sized companies that have a change or transformation program at hand, though no (not many or enough) practitioners. Companies where no change capability is present or where building such capacity is not (yet) considered a high-priority.

Why it works

These interventions are based on the 5 universals of change. Themes that change practitioners around the world have indicated as key to successful change. Always! The universals are Purpose, Conversation, Co-creation, Experimentation and Responses to change (not resistance). We will focus on adapting our proven MVCP to your context.


  • Our consulting and facilitation services are fixed priced at € 75/hour

  • A contract that includes training will pay the training rates for the trainings, and the hourly rate for all other activities

  • Potential discounts can be agreed for longer term contracting or special circumstances. 

Some companies where we've introduced Lean Change and Agile practices
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